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The Summit is an annual leadership conference for LGBTQ and allied individuals of all ages interested in learning how to bridge the divided and marginalized demographics within the greater LGBTQ community. Comprised of both distinct workshops and keynote speaker series, the Summit is a means to inspire the public to become more active in the advancement of the LGBTQ movement. Attendees of each year’s Summit will be provided with the educative resources they need to accomplish this outlined goal. Past speakers and performers have included:

  • Academy Award-winning screenwriter of MILK, Dustin Lance Black
  • Writer, TV host and trans rights activist, Janet Mock
  • Founder of Scouts for Equality, Zach Wahls
  • Nonbinary poetry performance duo, Darkmatter
  • Award-winning poet and activist, Andrea Gibson
  • Harvey Milk’s right-hand man and famed LGBTQ activist, Cleve Jones
  • Executive Director of the TGI Justice Project, Janetta Johnson
  • Former member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, David Campos
  • Makeup artist and drag superstar, Raja Gemini
  • Disability performance project, Sins Invalid

The workshops hosted at the past summits have also been well received by attendees. These have tackled various topics such as faith and sexuality, suicide prevention, lobbying your government, life as a youth with HIV, and how to interact with police, to name a few. In addition to speakers and workshops, Summit attendees have the opportunity to connect and engage with their peers from across the Bay.


Past Attendees Thoughts:

“I loved all the speakers”

“I enjoyed how friendly all the people were. I felt very at home and it was very well executed. I learned a lot during the classes.”

“This is going to sound so simple, but I think my favorite thing about the summit was feeling like I belonged. In my everyday life, I am assumed to be straight most of the time. Being in a place where it didn’t matter and where everyone would accept me for whoever I choose to love was indescribable. Just being able to talk openly about liking girls meant the world to me.”

“The speakers were all inspiring, the workshops were interesting, and the opportunity to meet new people was invaluable. I had so much fun and can’t wait to go next year!”

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